S179AJACKSON — Relates to the appointment and promotion of supervisors of the fire alarm dispatcher service
S180JACKSON — Establishes security deposit options for certain tenants
S181JACKSON — Expands who may visit local correctional facilities
S182AJACKSON — Relates to providing a civil action for deprivation of rights
S330JACKSON — Relates to providing fresh produce to food deserts in the state
S331JACKSON — Relates to prohibiting employers from seeking graduation dates from prospective employees
S332JACKSON — Relates to the placement of homeless shelters
S333JACKSON — Requires the inspection of non-fireproof buildings and compliance with the New York city housing maintenance code and the New York city construction codes
S335JACKSON — Exempts certain low income housing accommodations from local real property taxation
S336JACKSON — Relates to imposing an additional two percent sales tax on certain retail sales
S337JACKSON — Establishes a farm-to-school task force and requiring all public schools to provide fresh foods to students in a manner that supports local agriculture
S338JACKSON — Relates to discounted admission and memberships for certain individuals
S339JACKSON — Relates to imposing a commercial vacancy tax
S351JACKSON — Provides for inclusive instruction and instructional materials
S352JACKSON — Relates to increasing the taxes imposed on distributors of beers and to directing revenue generated from such taxes be deposited to the credit of SUNY and CUNY
S353JACKSON — Clarifies the definition of floor area
S355JACKSON — Relates to the enrollment of students at charter schools, the suspension of students at charter schools and the administration of charter schools
S356JACKSON — Provides for the employment of mental health professionals by school districts
S542JACKSON — Establishes the University of the State of New York environmental sustainability office
S944AJACKSON — Prohibits a court from bifurcating certain primary elections
S1028JACKSON — Removes the board of trustees of the state university of New York as a charter entity; repealer
S1029JACKSON — Establishes a common articulation policy at the state of New York and city of New York university systems for granting college credit bearing coursework based upon successful performance on standardized exams
S1030JACKSON — Establishes instruction in financial literacy for students in sixth through eighth grade
S1031JACKSON — Relates to the definition of party
S1032JACKSON — Moves the Amistad Commission from the department of state to the state education department
S1033JACKSON — Establishes the coronavirus pandemic small business and not-for-profit organization loan program
S1034JACKSON — Promotes the inclusion of children living in temporary housing in prekindergarten programs
S1035JACKSON — Relates to persons with a serious mental illness residing in an adult home
S1036JACKSON — Implements a moratorium on digital billboards and directing the commissioner of transportation to conduct a study on the impact of digital billboards on motor vehicle accidents
S1037JACKSON — Requires consent prior to sharing certain student information
S1038JACKSON — Establishes interventions for children with dyslexia or other phonological learning differences or disabilities
S1040AJACKSON — Relates to school climate and codes of conduct on school property and disciplinary action following violation of such codes of conduct; and makes conforming amendments
S1041JACKSON — Relates to establishing the downstate New York power authority, and providing for its powers and duties
S1984JACKSON — Suspends state assessments during a state disaster emergency
S1985JACKSON — Enacts the community gridlock prevention act
S1986JACKSON — Authorizes and directs the commissioner of education to allow students attending a school closed due to a viral outbreak to receive instructional time for work completed outside of the school
S1987AJACKSON — Grants immunity to law enforcement employees who intervene against police misconduct
S1988JACKSON — Directs the commissioner to convene statewide and regional conventions to bring together underrepresented educators
S1989JACKSON — Ensures the payment of overtime due and owing for services rendered to combat the COVID-19 pandemic
S1990JACKSON — Relates to tampering with physical evidence
S1992JACKSON — Provides for certain death benefits to correction officers, correction officer-sergeants, correction officer-captains, assistant wardens, associate wardens or wardens employed by Westchester county
S1993AJACKSON — Provides for determinations of appropriate educational programs for certain students in a school district in a city having a population of one million or more
S2050JACKSON — Relates to the duration of certain tests
S2051JACKSON — Includes bonus in the definition of wages for purposes of the labor law
S2052JACKSON — Relates to the employee status of an individual
S2053JACKSON — Relates to split shifts and minimum wage
S2054JACKSON — Establishes integrated community mental health clinics
S2055JACKSON — Permits a residential tenant to utilize a security deposit to pay rent during a state disaster emergency
S2056JACKSON — Exempts certain real property owned or leased by a cooperative corporation or on a condominium basis from certain assessment provisions
S2057JACKSON — Includes a statement on the envelopes of ballots for absentee voters and special presidential voters for signature affirmation
S2058JACKSON — Increases the length of the term of office to four years for members of the legislature
S2059JACKSON — Imposes a progressive income tax structure; repealer
S2393BJACKSON — Relates to requiring certain health insurance issuers to certify that at least a majority of prescription drug rebates are provided to patients at the point of sale
S2394AJACKSON — Relates to employee representation of state employees designated managerial or confidential
S2395JACKSON — Provides for salary and benefits of managerial or confidential employees
S2396JACKSON — Ensures zoning lot mergers do not create any new non-compliance with applicable, pre-existing zoning regulations
S2397JACKSON — Suspends all unnecessary travel to states that have discriminatory laws for access to women’s reproductive health services
S2544AJACKSON — Modernizes the practice of podiatry
S3600JACKSON — Provides for certain death benefits to fire marshals employed by Nassau county
S4819JACKSON — Relates to waiving the earning limitations for retired sworn officers employed by a district attorney as investigators
S4950JACKSON — Provides for the designation by a general hospital of persons to identify infectious disease processes
S4951JACKSON — Requires instruction on civic education for grades 5 through 12
S4952JACKSON — Expands the empire state child credit
S4953JACKSON — Provides for the employment of school nurses for the inspection of pupils attending certain public schools
S4954JACKSON — Provides for parental notification when charter schools receive a corrective action plan or are given a short-term renewal
S4955JACKSON — Prohibits the sale of used oil and establishes civil and criminal penalties
S4956JACKSON — Relates to payments under contracts for transportation of school children
S4957JACKSON — Suspends all unnecessary travel to Arkansas by government agencies, departments, boards, authorities, and commissions as long as HB 1570 is in effect
S4958JACKSON — Establishes a student activity fee to fund the student assembly of the state university of New York
S4959JACKSON — Establishes a direct service professional credit and career ladder tuition assistance grant program
S4960AJACKSON — Provides for calculating the area median income for affordable housing programs in a city with a population of one million or more
S4961JACKSON — Provides for penalties for violations of the alcoholic beverage control law, requirements for certain retail licensees for on-premises consumption and labeling of disposable cups and similar to-go containers
S4962JACKSON — Increases tax free contributions to family tuition accounts
S4963JACKSON — Extends the duration of tuition assistance awards to five years
S4964JACKSON — Provides for student loan assistance for certain attorneys employed by political subdivisions of the state
S4965JACKSON — Relates to the payment of arrears for certain taxes and placing limitations on housing development fund company regulatory agreements
S4966JACKSON — Establishes the differentiated learning environment task force
S4967JACKSON — Relates to surcharges for the installation or use of certain appliances in housing accommodations subject to rent control
S4968JACKSON — Defines probable aggregate annual income for the tenant’s eligibility under guidelines set for housing authority
S4969JACKSON — Relates to placing limitations on initial regulated rents
S4970JACKSON — Directs the division of housing and community renewal to study non-rental fees charged by landlords
S5174JACKSON — Permits assessment of certain fees and costs upon wrongful denial of access to records under the freedom of information law
S5211BJACKSON — Provides a lung disease presumption for correction officers, correction supervisors, deputy sheriff patrol or deputy sheriff patrol supervisors
S5212JACKSON — Relates to the effect and rebuttal of certain medical presumptions relating to heart disease
S5438JACKSON — Relates to the investment of funds wagered on video lottery gaming for certain horse races; repealer
S5446JACKSON — Expands family leave eligibility to include participation in remote learning for certain employees who are the parents or guardians of certain children
S5447JACKSON — Expands eligibility for the tuition assistance program
S5448AJACKSON — Requires reporting to the federal bureau of investigation’s national use-of-force data collection program
S5449JACKSON — Requires public schools to start no earlier than eight thirty a.m.
S5450JACKSON — Provides a tax abatement for facilty-integrated carbon-to-value equipment
S5451JACKSON — Enacts the “education funding census update act”
S5452JACKSON — Prohibits legacy preference as eligible criteria for admission standards or for participation in state awards programs
S5453AJACKSON — Directs a study on the feasibility of adjusting the compulsory attendance age of minors attending full time instruction
S5454JACKSON — Imposes a special tax on artwork, antique furniture, and antique jewelry sold at auction and establishes the art education fund
S5455JACKSON — Provides an exemption for the sale of the first $35,000 of a battery, electric, or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle from state sales and compensating use taxes
S5456JACKSON — Provides for tuition assistance program awards for students experiencing homelessness
S5457JACKSON — Relates to protecting people from civil arrest at certain locations
S5458JACKSON — Relates to demand delivery accounts
S5459JACKSON — Enacts the safeguarding employees and accountability for termination act
S5460JACKSON — Relates to authorizing geographic pay differentials for certain police officers
S5461JACKSON — Relates to reimbursing charter schools for leasing certain facilities, and prohibition of non-disclosure agreements; repealer
S5462JACKSON — Relates to compliance with substantially equivalent education by nonpublic schools
S5463JACKSON — Suspends all unnecessary travel to states that permit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression
S5464JACKSON — Provides for increased participation in state contracts and subcontracts by certified minority and women owned business enterprises
S5465JACKSON — Prohibits employers from discriminating against individuals based on such individual’s status as a caregiver
S5466JACKSON — Establishes commercial rent regulation
S5475AJACKSON — Relates to the inclusion of certain off-site custom fabrication as public work for the purposes of payment of prevailing wage
S5476JACKSON — Imposes an excise tax on the sale of ammunition to be deposited into the gun violence impact fund; establishing the gun violence impact fund
S5477JACKSON — Relates to the use of accrued vacation time
S5478JACKSON — Grants members of the city of New York’s police force eligibility for retirement and pension based on previous service as traffic enforcement agents
S5489JACKSON — Requires panic alarm systems in schools
S5490JACKSON — Creates a pilot program to examine the effects of waiving the state civil service examination fee
S5491JACKSON — Establishes maximum age requirements for New York city correctional officers
S5492JACKSON — Relates to service retirement benefits for certain members of the New York city employees’ retirement system
S5493JACKSON — Relates to establishing a variable supplements fund for sanitation members of the New York city employees’ retirement system
S5496JACKSON — Authorizes NYC to impose a fee on motor vehicles from states which do not cooperate with the enforcement of certain traffic laws
S5497JACKSON — Relates to universal pre-K school bus transportation
S5519JACKSON — Relates to the placement of a discreet disability designation on non-driver identification cards, drivers’ licenses and learners’ permits and making technical and conforming changes
S5567AJACKSON — Provides for minimum wage requirements for miscellaneous industry workers
S5568JACKSON — Relates to including comprehensive climate change risk analysis as part of every environmental assessment statement and requiring updates to rules and regulations regarding the state environmental quality review
S5628JACKSON — Establishes a private cause of action for certain violations regarding machine-guns, assault weapons, disguised guns, ghost guns, and unfinished frames or receivers
S5631JACKSON — Replaces instances of the words or variations of the words American Indian with the words Indigenous peoples or a variation thereof
S5638JACKSON — Preserves the ability of health care providers to access the independent dispute resolution process
S5639AJACKSON — Clarifies that the New York state health insurance program remains subject to certain provisions of the financial services law
S5791AJACKSON — Relates to service retirement benefits for uniformed correction members of the New York city employees’ retirement system
S5792AJACKSON — Relates to service retirement benefits for certain members of the New York city employees’ retirement system
S5793AJACKSON — Relates to service retirement benefits for uniformed sanitation members of the New York city employees’ retirement system
S5831AJACKSON — Relates to the disability retirement for safety and security officers
S5832AJACKSON — Relates to increasing the mandatory retirement age of New York state regional park police
S6053JACKSON — Grants a retroactive parity payment to certain management and confidential retirees
S6054AJACKSON — Relates to retirement benefits for certain employees
S6141BJACKSON — Provides additional benefits for certain retirement system members with thirty years credited service
S6152AJACKSON — Provides for cost-of-living adjustments
S6153AJACKSON — Relates to the retirement of Nassau county 911 operators and fire techs
S6157BJACKSON — Provides additional benefits for certain retirement system members with credited service in excess of twenty-five years
S6158AJACKSON — Relates to providing increases of cost-of-living adjustments
S6159AJACKSON — Modifies the retirement benefits for certain county correction officers, uniformed correction division personnel, sheriffs, deputy sheriffs and undersheriffs in Nassau county
S6160AJACKSON — Relates to applying cost-of-living adjustments
S6252AJACKSON — Provides cost-of-living adjustments for certain public retirees
S6264JACKSON — Relates to article 78 judgments regarding disability pension determinations
S6265JACKSON — Relates to eligibility for unemployment benefits for certain New York city emergency medical services personnel under quarantine for coronavirus (COVID-19)
S6302JACKSON — Creates the offense of operating as a major firearms trafficker
S6306BJACKSON — Provides WTC-related benefits to certain employees who worked at the Verrazano Bridge Toll Facility
S6307AJACKSON — Relates to increasing the base benefit amount for computation of pension cost-of-living adjustments
S6308JACKSON — Relates to death benefits for members of the uniformed force of the New York city department of sanitation and members of the uniformed force of the New York city department of correction
S6322AJACKSON — Grants service credit to members of the uniformed correction force of the New York city department of correction covered by provisions of law for over 25 years
S6400AJACKSON — Clarifies provisions related to the overtime ceiling for corrections officers of the Westchester county correction department
S6401AJACKSON — Clarifies provisions related to overtime ceilings for correction officers who are members of certain retirement plans
S6478JACKSON — Relates to hearing procedures for certain public employees
S6526AJACKSON — Sets the increase to the overtime ceiling as a fixed percentage
S6539JACKSON — Relates to the installation of appliances or fixtures by tenants
S6559AJACKSON — Provides that New York city correction officers may file for disability without ten years of service
S6560AJACKSON — Relates to increasing benefits payable by the correction officers’ variable supplements fund to beneficiaries
S6712AJACKSON — Relates to establishing a New York State Sound Basic Education Commission to study current educational needs and recommend a new foundation aid formula; appropriation
S6713JACKSON — Requires the incorporation of structured, explicit, language-based multisensory approaches to literacy instruction for current and prospective teachers
S6799JACKSON — Provides for cost of living adjustments for certain retirees
S6864AJACKSON — Relates to the retirement contributions of career public employees
S6978JACKSON — Relates to procedures and other matters related to the receipt or discontinuation of certain benefits
S7115JACKSON — Removes post-retirement earnings restrictions for New York city department of corrections uniformed personnel
S7181BJACKSON — Permits certain twenty-five year retirement program dispatcher members to file elections not to participate
S7196AJACKSON — Grants certain county fire marshals, supervising fire marshals, fire marshals, assistant fire marshals, assistant chief fire marshals or chief fire marshals pension benefits for service beyond twenty-five years
S7376JACKSON — Provides for background checks for police transfer candidates
S7498AJACKSON — Relates to eligibility for participants in the automotive 25 year/age 50 pension plan with more than 30 years of credited service who remain in active service after age 62 to receive a service retirement benefit
S7558JACKSON — Requires the department of education to develop school health and mental health professionals to student ratios in public schools
S7842JACKSON — Authorizes a weighted selection process for the allocation of certain prekindergarten seats
S8073JACKSON — Relates to requirements for issuing civil service examination announcements
S8079JACKSON — Provides for crediting of probationary service upon permanent appointment
S8202JACKSON — Relates to certain requirements regarding billing for electric services
S8215JACKSON — Relates to protections and rights afforded to delivery network company workers
S8216AJACKSON — Requires that applicants not be prohibited from taking competitive civil service exams
S8230JACKSON — Relates to procedures to be followed in appointing a hearing officer for removal and disciplinary action against certain public employees
S8365JACKSON — Relates to affidavits of the lawful immigration status of certain students; repealer
S8380JACKSON — Updates provisions relating to dignity for all students and makes an appropriation therefor
S8408JACKSON — Allows beneficiaries of certain deceased members to elect to receive death benefits in a lump sum
S8427JACKSON — Relates to the compensation of certain emergency medical technicians who are providing emergency medical services, and their supervisors, during outbreaks of infectious diseases
S8459JACKSON — Relates to certain benefits provided pursuant to collective bargaining agreements
S8472JACKSON — Establishes a twenty year retirement plan for members or officers of law enforcement
S8490JACKSON — Relates to the calculation of the final average salary for purposes of the calculation of a pension benefit
S8509AJACKSON — Relates to requests for employee personnel records
S8515JACKSON — Repeals a provision of the civil service law relating to resolutions of disputes in the course of collective negotiations with certain deputy sheriffs
S8529JACKSON — Provides for a line of duty presumption for disabilities of deputy sheriffs in certain cities
S8532JACKSON — Provides for a disability retirement for certain deputy sheriff members of a retirement system in certain cities
S8536JACKSON — Relates to accidental disability retirement for deputy sheriffs
S8546JACKSON — Requires certain renewable energy generating projects to enter into a memorandum of understanding for the operation and maintenance of such project with a bona fide labor organization
S8551JACKSON — Relates to updating civil service examinations
S8557JACKSON — Relates to crediting of provisional time for promotional examinations
S8574JACKSON — Relates to the reporting by the office of fire prevention and control
S8579JACKSON — Relates to making a city school district in a city having a population of one million or more eligible for transitional aid for charter school payments
S8670AJACKSON — Relates to establishing a central business district toll exemption for certain employees of the fire department of the city of New York
S8726AJACKSON — Relates to abandoned vehicles
S8727JACKSON — Relates to increasing the fines for parking violations
S8728JACKSON — Relates to service of certain notice of violations returnable to the environmental control board
S8746JACKSON — Extends provisions related to public arbitration panels
S8756JACKSON — Relates to owner liability for failure of an operator to comply with street cleaning parking rules
S8757JACKSON — Relates to the retirement contributions of career public employees
S8764AJACKSON — Relates to eligibility for ordinary disability benefits and re-employment of disability retirees of the New York city police pension fund Tier III plans
S8766JACKSON — Authorizes the removal of police officer candidates from an eligible list when such candidate does not meet psychological fitness requirements or lacks good moral character standards
S8780JACKSON — Provides a heart disease presumption for correction officers, correction supervisors, deputy sheriff patrol or deputy sheriff patrol supervisors
S8787JACKSON — Includes SUNY police officers for purposes of presumption regarding impairment caused by heart disease
S8788JACKSON — Relates to age and service eligibility requirements for ordinary retirement for members of the unified court system
S8817JACKSON — Prohibits the sale of tobacco products and vapor products within five hundred feet of a public or private school
S8818JACKSON — Relates to normal retirement age for police/fire members of the New York city fire department pension fund
S8819AJACKSON — Authorizes an optional twenty-five year retirement plan for uniformed court officers and peace officers employed by the unified court system
S8854JACKSON — Relates to disability benefits for certain individuals employed by the Nassau county police department
S8855JACKSON — Relates to the transfer of board of education employees to the teachers’ retirement system of the city of New York
S8870JACKSON — Relates to authorizing and directing the metropolitan transportation authority to implement a free fare program for NYC firefighters on the LIRR
S8871JACKSON — Establishes the Medicare maximization and assistance program to assist eligible state retirees in obtaining certain Medicare benefits
S8948JACKSON — Relates to the disclosure of information to employees
S8960JACKSON — Relates to hearing officers
S8980JACKSON — Relates to education transportation contracts